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At Cost Care Medical and ​Dental Center, we are ​providing you with best ​doctors for the best care ​at affordable prices.

Dental Treatment in the Clinic. Dentist Treats Teeth to a Young Girl in the Office of a Dental Clinic

Cost Care Medical And Dental Center

Oral health for life starts here...

COST CARE MEDICAL CENTER is a premier Medical and Dental care provider in Ajman with a team of world-class ​Physicians and Dentists and it is the first Clinic in Nuaimiya Street, Ajman, with the MED-7 group, which is one of ​the leading, reputed, Medical, Dental, and pharmaceutical groups in the UAE.

Our Clinic consists of experienced multilingual physicians & Dentists specializing in a vast range of Medical and ​Dental fields, trained nursing staff, and all outpatient treatment facilities with laboratory services. Our specialized ​healthcare services also extend to schools, companies, and corporate clients.

Our modern-day dental practice has created a special mark in the fields of Cosmetic Dentistry, Pediatric ​Dentistry, Orthodontics, Endodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Implantology, Prosthodontics, Periodontics, ​Sedation Dentistry, and Dental Hygiene. Armed with the latest technology and advanced laboratory procedures, ​we have become the pioneer provider of cosmetic, restorative, family dentistry, and oral surgery, committed to ​providing you quality treatments and superior customer service.

We aspire to ensure the satisfaction of our valued customers through teamwork, dedication, professionalism, ​integrity, and with efforts to promote effective collaboration with the insurance companies to help us to achieve ​our vision further.

Our Mission is to continue investing in new technologies and facilities to respond to the increasing complexity of ​medical and dental procedures, evolving need of our customers, and make appositive deference to the health and ​wellbeing of all residents in UAE.

Our Team Of Dental Experts

At our clinic, we are proud to have a highly skilled and effective team of dental specialists, always available to meet your dental needs.

Dr. Indika Waravita

Managing Director

Dr. Mohamed Jameel Raja

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Esraa Mohamed

General Dentist with ​Specialized in Orthodontics

Dr. Naveen Kumar

General Dentist, Specialist in ​Aesthetic restorstive Dentistry

Quality care at afforable rates

Regular dental check-ups are crucial for ​maintaining good oral health. Our expert ​general dentists can help you prevent ​problems like tooth decay, gum disease, ​sensitive teeth, and more. By staying on ​top of your dental health, you can keep ​your smile healthy and bright.

Our Dental Services

Our comprehensive dental services cater to all your dental needs and worries. Whether you need routine check-ups or complex ​surgeries, we’ve got you covered. With dentists at the forefront of the industry, our dentists in Ajman will ensure you receive the best ​possible treatment experience.

Feedback from our patients

we value your trust and patronage

- Preeti S

I had bad pain in wisdom tooth last week. I ​visited Cost Care first time and interacted ​with Dr Jameel. Dr Jameel advised for ​surgical extraction. And less than 20 min it ​was done. I was really scared and nervous ​before. Dr didn’t let me over come pain ​during the process, felt I’m in safe hands. ​And Doctor kept doing daily follow up, To ​make sure I don’t get any pain or infection. ​The medicine as prescribed worked very well ​with me. I’m really glad that everything went ​perfect, thankful to the entire cost care team ​and specially Dr Jameel. Thank you sir so ​much. I really recommend cost care dental ​treatment by Dr Jameel. And in future I will ​visit only cost care. Thanks

- Jones N

I wanted a root canal treatment but was ​unsure whom would I choose as there ​were many doctor`s, but with different ​rate. After seeing his reviews in google I ​went to Dr Jameel. As this was my 1st ​experience with any dental Dr, he ​explained everything to me in detail and ​guide me what is the best procedure for ​me for long term. The root canal ​treatment with crown placing took lesser ​than a week and was dealt with a lot of ​care and affection. Dr Jameel shows his ​experience in work and rating are ​justified for a long term its a worth the ​investment. Highly recommend for any ​dental treatment.

- Angel M

My teeth were in pretty bad ​condition, came across this clinic in ​facebook and booked my ​appointment instantly. Dr. Jameel ​treated my teeth and gave me scaling ​and whitening treatment, he has been ​super gentle and kind and made sure ​I am comfortable throughout the ​treatment. Later when I had a little ​problem with the whitening treatment ​Dr.Jameel offered to give me one ​more cylce of whitening. Now I am ​extremely satisfied and happy with ​my teeth. Thankyou Dr. Jameel for ​giving me a good teethy smile 😁


44, Al Nuaimiya 3, Opposite to Sharjah Co-Operative Society,  Ajman, UAE.

056 422 0105, 050 600 1465, 06 527 5643